Body Detoxing & Sculpture


Lose 5-10 inches and see dramatic results in 3 weeks!!!


  • Body Detoxing & Sculpture treatment is ideal for women and men who have smaller areas of excess fat. This is one of the most effective ways in the market to lose inches without downtime. During the treatment, we use our exclusive shaping formula that breaks down fat tissue into small molecules, eliminates fluid waste and enhances lymphatic drainage via an Ultra-Lift device and CT Pad device. 
  • After 3-6 intensive treatments, most of the clients lose 5-10 inches and see dramatic results in 3 weeks!!! The cellulite dimples will be diminished by up to 70%. Muscle gets toned, and the skin tightened. Best of all, there are no surgeries, no downtime or no scarring at all!
  • The client can choose a specific area to target when booking an appointment. The number of treatments needed will depend on the client’s weight. 
  • It is recommended to have a minimum series of six treatments. After the intensive treatment is completed, the monthly maintenance of each treated area is recommended.
  • Let our Body  Detoxing & Sculpture treatment become your best weapon for defeating cellulite. Note: This treatment may help you reduce inches, but not weight.


Please check out our before and after pictures at the spa


Treatment Series
~ Upper leg cellulite & sculpting ~ Lower leg cellulite & sculpting
~ Tummy cellulite & sculpting ~ Bottom cellulite & sculpting
~ Breast cellulite & sculpting ~ Arms, hands or feet


  • Body Detoxing & Sculpture Treatment      
    A series of 3 Treatments $750.00 
  • A series of 6 Treatments $1,500.00 and Receive 6 times CT Pads at value $600.
  • A Free Body to Go Fitness (Org. $49.00)                               

        You may slim yourself wherever you go. Include 6 Refills Pads & 5 of #2032 batteries   


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