Why Choose Beyond The Spa Sculpting?


Result Comparison



Treatment Result Improve Lympatic System Health Support A Healthy Immune System Skin Tightness
& Rejunvenation

Beyond The Spa

  • See noticeable and long lasting results. Our treatments break down the blockage of fat, cellulite by using high tech Ultra-lift CT Pad.
  • 90% of clients may lose more than 10 ubcges after finishing 6 treatments in three weeks. We are very confident and proud of our formula.
    What areas can be done?
    - Tummy
    - Upper Legs
    - Lower Legs
    - Bottom Lifting
    - Arms Contouring
    - Breast Lifting
    - Scars Tissue Smoothing

We boost lymphatic

drainage system by using Ultra-Lift device. This procedure helps the body get rid of fat, waste, toxins through out of urine.















Besides the client loses inches

because of purify-ing lymphatic system, this treatment also strength our

immune system

as well.













No additional charge. We use 19 enzymes to tone the muscle and help tighten the skin.


















Lipsocution:$3,000 - $5,000
Involves high risk of general   anesthesia with surgery and
excruciate pain during recovering that requires one week for downtime and lost income













Additional charge






Lipsocution: $2,500 Per Area

The technician places the device on

target area, leaves the client in the

room for 30 minutes until done. No

visible results. No Guarantee Result.











Additional charge






Body Wraps: $700 Package

Being wrapped as a mummy and

workout on the treadmill for a half

hour. The majority of the results for

this treatment is loss of body water.

The weight will be back in a couple



















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