Ultherapy Neck Lift


An Ultra Neck Lift is designed to get rid of sagging muscle and skin in the jaws and neck area. Typically, this treatment is designed for the clients who exhibit a loose platysma muscle – a plate-like muscle that is situated in the cervical and jaw regions of the neck and mouth. The muscle, when separated, causes jaw depressions and neck wrinkles to form.


There is no downtime, no scalpel, no needle involved. Any neck waste fluid, toxins, and some fat can then be removed through an eight million Hertz ultrasonic wave and micro current process. The muscle is then tightened to tone and define the neck.


Fist Treatment Special: $125 Regular: $250  Treatment: 75-100 minutes (A series of three treatments are recomemded).

Hurry! This promotion ends at this month.




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