Safety Reminder


  • Safety and comfort are our first priorities for our clients. Every client has a unique body and different physical tolerances.  75% of lymph nodes are located at the left side of our body and in order to maximize detox of lymph drainage, we strongly recommend that on the very first treatment, we only apply on the left side of the body with a “middle” strength to ensure your safety and comfort. You may experience slight soreness and bruise for 2-3 days. Please let us know how you feel about the strength of the treatment when you come back for your next visit. If the formula is too strong, you may feel very sore and bruised and if it is too light then you may not see the noticeable results. This procedure allows the technician to customize and find the most effective formula for your treatment.
  • We are not able to provide this treatment to the client who is pregnant or having a heart pacemaker.
  • The client should not have the tummy sculpting treatment during their menstrual period. Instead, we can do the service to the side and back of the belly.



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