# 1 SPECIALIZED in HIFU/Ultherapy Trial: $499


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(Org: $1,500) with 200 lines for 2 hours.


During this lower-session trial, Beyond The Spa provides 200 lines of HIFU that will specifically target the sagging jowls and neck.

The client may expect a noticeable enhancement of up to 20% in her facial lower session, which should last for about a month.

~ HIFU Face and Neck Lift Intensive Package: $1,500 ~

(Org: $4,860) with 1,200 lines.

The package includes:

~ One trial session with 200 lines at a value of $1,500.

~ One Hifu face and neck lift intensive with 1,000 lines at a value of $3,000

~ The treated areas include smoothing forehead wrinkles, eyebrow lifts,  apple cheek lifts, shortening the nasolabial fold, re-sculpting the jowls, and tightening the neck. Our clients may see a noticeable enhancement of roughly 60%–80% and look 5–10 years younger in 2 weeks.

~ At the initial appointment, the customer is required to pay the full amount and will receive a $360 home regimen designed to extend the effectiveness of the Hifu treatment.


 ~ Real People, Real Result~

Beyond The Spa showcases the before-and-after pictures of their own clients, which have not been retouched. Clients are encouraged to compare their results with those of other spas.


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The Traditional Ultherapy Result

Traditional Ultherapy treatment involves delivering HIFU energy to the treated areas without any pre-sculpture treatment. Clients can expect to see gradual results over a period of 3 months, with an enhancement of about 30% in total.


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B Spa's Ultherapy client

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Why Choose Ultra-Lift HIFU Intensive for Your Showtime?

  • HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) has been used safely in the medical and aesthetics fields for over 50 years. It is FDA-approved and has been safely administered in over half a million treatments worldwide. Ultherapy is one of the brands that utilize HIFU's energy.

  • Ultra-Lift HIFU is a unique and innovative non-surgical facelift treatment that combines an advanced facial sculpting technique and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy which can be thought of as an enhanced version of Ultherapy. This protocol is designed to provide natural-looking and long-lasting results, going beyond the superficial effects of traditional facials.

  • The treatment aims to revitalize the entire face and neck, offering numerous benefits at a much more affordable price than surgical facelifts, Botox, or dermal fillers. One of the key advantages of Ultra-Lift HIFU is that it doesn't involve needles, surgery, or downtime. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for a non-invasive, cost-effective solution to rejuvenate their appearance and achieve a youthful look.

What is Ultra-Lfit HIFU Procedure? 

  • Step one, as natural aging and gravity take their toll, facial muscles lose their position and start sag. This is time for Ultra-Lift Sculture steps in to restore a youthful facial contour that involves working on the muscular level sculpture. it essentially strengthens and realigns facial muscles to their proper positions. The skin is too thin to maintain facial contours on its own. Additionally, this facial muscle warm-up procedure is beneficial for clients as it may help to avoid the painful side effects associated with this treatment.

  • Step two, to showcase the best version of our clients, our unique protocol utilizes a distribution of 1,200 HIFU lines to deliver a faster "Beauty Reborn" outcome by elevating the SMAS layer for achieving lifting and tightening effects. SMAS stands for Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, which is a layer of facial tissue that lies beneath the skin and above the deeper facial structures such as the muscles and bones. It is a continuous sheet of fibrous tissue that connects the muscles of the face to the overlying skin. The treated areas include smoothing forehead wrinkles, lifting eyebrows, lifting apple cheeks, shortening nasolabial folds, re-sculpting the jawline, and tightening the neck. Our clients can immediately see a dramatic enhancement of roughly 60%-80% and appear 5-10 years younger in just 90 minutes. Great news for our clients - there's no downtime! Enjoy your showtime and embrace your beautiful skin.

  • At other spas, traditional Ultherapy without facial sculpture can result in significant pain and take up to 3 months for clients to see an improvement of around 30%. As the saying goes, "When it comes to beauty, we can't wait." This is why our unique approach offers clients a faster, more comfortable experience with better results.

How long does it last and how is it maintained?

  • Natural aging, gravity, home regimen, and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep, and health issues can all affect how long-lasting results can be achieved. After receiving an Ultra-Lfit HIFU treatment, the facial muscles and skin can decline roughly 10% every month.
  • At Beyond the Spa, our mission is to help our clients "Live Beautiful" by taking care of their skin like a professional. We have found that for most of our clients, the results of Ultra-Lift HIFU treatments can last up to four years by having monthly small HIFU boosters to keep their skin looking its best year-round. Another benefit of regular monthly visits is that it allows our professional team to rejuvenate and repair the skin in time before any skin blemishes worsen.
  • We have received positive feedback from our clients who no longer need Botox or fillers, which saves them a lot of money in the long run. We offer an affordable monthly maintenance package for only $250.00, which allows our clients to maintain their results and achieve healthy, glowing skin. 


 Frequently Asked Q & A


  1. Why should I choose Ultra-Lift HIFU for Face-Neck?

  • Non-invasive: HIFU is a non-surgical treatment, which means there are no incisions, stitches, or scarring involved. This reduces the risk of infection and complications associated with surgical procedures. 

  • Minimal downtime: Since HIFU is non-invasive, there is minimal to no downtime required after the treatment. Most people can return to their daily activities immediately.

  • Natural results: HIFU stimulates the body's natural production of collagen, which leads to gradual and natural-looking skin tightening and rejuvenation.

  • Precision: HIFU targets specific layers of the skin without damaging the surface or surrounding tissues. This precision allows for customized treatment based on individual needs and skin conditions.

  • Long-lasting results: HIFU treatments can provide long-lasting results, with many people experiencing improvements for up to a year or more after a single treatment session.

  • Suitable for various skin types: HIFU treatments can be effective for people with different skin types and tones, making it a versatile option for skin rejuvenation

  2. What makes Ultra-Lift HIFU a more promising option than Botox and dermis filler for achieving

       youthful facial contouring?

  • Ultra-Lift HIFU targets the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer, which is the same layer that plastic surgeons manipulate during a facelift. This depth allows HIFU to stimulate collagen production and achieve a more natural and longer-lasting lift.

  • Unlike dermal fillers, Botox, and surface-level laser treatments, Ultra-Lift HIFU penetrates deeper into the skin, targeting the root cause of sagging and aging – the weakening of facial muscles and reduced collagen production.

  • In summary, Ultra-Lift HIFU can potentially offer more comprehensive and longer-lasting results compared to other treatments by targeting the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating collagen production.

  3. Who is a good candidate for HIFU Ultra-Lift?

  • The Ultra-Lift HIFU treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve safe and non-surgical rejuvenation with long-lasting results, looking 5-10 years younger. This treatment is suitable for individuals who are concerned about dropping cheekbones, sagging jawlines, double chins, inelastic skin, crow's feet, wrinkles, eye bags, or dark circles.

  • Whether you are looking to enhance your appearance or address specific aging concerns, Ultra-Lift HIFU can help you achieve your goals. It is a safe and effective treatment that can provide natural-looking results without surgery or downtime.

  4. What is the sensation of undergoing an Ultra-Lift HIFU treatment?   

  • To showcase your best version of yourself, our experienced team will first apply the facial sculpture technique, which strengthens and realigns the facial muscles to their optimal positions. This step serves as an excellent warm-up procedure for clients, helping them avoid any painful side effects.

  • During the HIFU energy application, clients may feel a tiny amount of energy being deposited at precise depths, indicating that the collagen-building process has been initiated. Comfort levels vary from person to person, but the sensation lasts only while the energy is being delivered. In some cases, clients might experience temporary side effects such as flushed skin, slight swelling, tingling, tenderness to the touch, or bruising on a small area of skin for a couple of days. However, not everyone will experience these side effects.

  5. How soon can I expect to see results after undergoing an Ultra-Lift HIFU treatment?

  • Our HIFU Ultra-Lift protocol is one-of-a-kind, allowing us to deliver a "Beauty Reborn" outcome and achieve top-notch skin quality in just 90 minutes. This treatment effectively enhances the muscular level of the face and neck, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The majority of our clients will see a dramatic improvement of 60%-80%, taking years off their appearance. The best part? No downtime is required! You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure, and you'll be ready to attend any event with confidence, even without makeup.    

  6. How long does it last and what maintenance?

  • How long the results last depends on a variety of factors. Clients' home regimens and lifestyles play a significant role in determining the longevity of the results. Factors such as sun overexposure, smoking, lack of sleep, and health issues can influence the outcome.

  • To maintain your skin like a pro, most of our clients find that their results last up to four years with monthly small boosts to keep their skin quality exceptional year-round. Many of our clients have shared that they no longer rely on Botox and dermal fillers, saving them money in the long run after experiencing our HIFU Ultra-Lift treatment.

  • "LIVE BEAUTIFULly" is Beyond the Spa's mission for our clients. We offer our loyal clients a very special, affordable package price of $250 every month to help maintain their beautiful results.

​  7. Why do some spas suggest having the redo treatment once a year?

  • Due to the natural aging process and gravity's effect, our skin declines roughly 10% every month after your treatment. Some spas often recommend re-doing traditional Ultherapy once a year. Unfortunately, by the time clients return for their annual treatment, the HIFU energy's effects may have worn off, causing the skin to relapse back to its original condition, essentially starting from square one again.

  • That's why we strongly recommend our clients distribute the energy more evenly throughout the year by having monthly maintenance treatments. This approach helps maintain the desired results and prevent significant relapses in skin quality.

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